Secure Your Blockchain Transactions with Redefine & Safe

• Redefine, a web3 security platform, has partnered with Safe to provide blockchain transaction security.
• This integration of DeFirewall into Safe will check each transaction and improve user protection over assets.
• The partnership between the two companies is expected to help foster greater adoption of digital assets.

Redefine Partners with Safe

Web3 security platform Redefine has announced a strategic partnership with blockchain security firm Safe (formerly known as Gnosis) in order to enable users to transact with more confidence. This is achieved by integrating Redefine’s pre-transaction risk assessment tool DeFirewall into the user interface of Safe.

Improving Transaction Security

The integration of DeFirewall into Safe is expected to improve transaction security for users and elevate the level of protection over assets while simultaneously guaranteeing greater transaction safety. Richard Meissner, Co-Founder and Technical Lead at Safe highlighted the importance of improving the user interfaces of Web3 platforms in order to combat bad actors and exploits in the digital asset industry. He also mentioned the issue of blind signing, where users may sign off on transactions they are not fully informed about – an area which needs improvement for self-custody to be accessible for a broader range of users and organizations.

Adoption of Digital Assets

This move is expected to ultimately foster greater adoption of digital assets which would make it easier for everyday people to use and trust using cryptocurrencies as part payment methods or saving tools safely and securely. Such initiatives bring us closer towards making self-custody more accessible as well as reliable for everyone involved in this ever-evolving space called ‘crypto’.


Overall, this partnership between Redefine and Safe marks another step forward towards improving blockchain security while enabling more people access cryptocurrency services without having any doubts on their mind when it comes down to potential malicious activities or threats that might arise from such transactions.


It’s great to see projects like these that try their best in making sure that our funds remain secure even when we’re dealing with digital currencies – especially during this bearish market season!