„King of Bonds“ Jeffrey Gundlah called Bitcoin inflation insurance

Jeffrey Gundlah, head of DoubleLine Capital, recommended the first crypt currency and gold as assets that can protect capital from impairment due to the weakening dollar. A renowned cryptovite skeptic expressed his views in the Rosenberg Research webcast.

In 2017, Gundlah noted that he was not ready to participate in the Bitcoin Loophole scam boom. In October this year, in an interview with Business Insider, he called the first cryptovaly a „lie“, as he still doubted that it was „impossible to crack“.

„I do not believe in bitcoin. I think it is well tracked. I don’t think it’s anonymous,“ he said.

Gundlah then stressed that he should not be listed as a critic of the first crypt currency.

In the Rosenberg Research webcast he suggested that students hedge against inflation risks by adding gold and bitcoin to their investment portfolios.

DoubleLine Capital manages $141 billion in assets.

Last week the „bond king“ announced that Donald Trump has a high chance of being re-elected as president of the United States.

Let’s remind, quotations of futures traded on the FTX exchange and prediction markets predict a representative of the Democratic Party Joe Biden to win the US presidential election on November 3.

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