Donald Trump’s NFTs Selling Fast After Arrest: Buy Now!

• Donald Trump NFTs have seen an increase in sales following his arrest.
• Over 60 users acquired tokens depicting the former President in the last 12 hours.
• The most expensive purchase was for 0.697 ETH, around $1,333 at current prices.

Donald Trump NFT Sales on the Rise Following his Arrest

An increased interest was seen for digital art featuring Donald Trump after he became the first former US President to be arrested recently. According to data from leading NFT Marketplace OpenSea, more than 60 users have purchased tokens depicting Donald Trump in the last 12 hours, with most spending approximately 0.5 ETH to acquire cryptographic images of him on different backgrounds.

Most Expensive Purchase

The most expensive purchase was made by a user called paraguanads.eth who bought a card featuring Trump with a rifle and wearing an orange hat for 0.697 ETH (around $1,333 at current prices).

Trump’s Personal NFT Collection

Despite being a harsh critic of cryptocurrencies in general, but specifically bitcoin, Donald Trump launched his own personal NFT collection at the end of 2022 which allows people to meet him if they buy 45 tokens and also have dinner with him if they buy more than that amount.

Reason for Arrest

Trump is facing 34 charges including fraud over hush-money payments to ex-porn actress Stormy Daniels during his campaign for President back in 2016.


Despite his legal troubles, it appears that Donald Trump’s popularity has not been affected as evidenced by the increasing sales of his NFTs following news of his arrest.