Tether has to pull out – is Bitcoin at risk?

Is the Stablecoin Tether (USDT) really covered by enough reserves? This question has been hanging like a sword of Damocles over the crypto space for a long time. But this could soon be finally clear Not only the central banks let the money printing machines run at full speed in 2020. Tether Limited, publisher of […]

US SEC shows ‚leniency‘ with security token owners

In a Christmas gift to the cryptomime industry, traders who comply with existing rules while keeping security tokens in custody will not face enforcement action for the next five years. US SEC shows ‚leniency‘ with security tokens ownersNOTHING The US Securities and Exchange Commission is listening to the crypto community. At least, according to an […]

„King of Bonds“ Jeffrey Gundlah called Bitcoin inflation insurance

Jeffrey Gundlah, head of DoubleLine Capital, recommended the first crypt currency and gold as assets that can protect capital from impairment due to the weakening dollar. A renowned cryptovite skeptic expressed his views in the Rosenberg Research webcast. In 2017, Gundlah noted that he was not ready to participate in the Bitcoin Loophole scam boom. […]

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